Chump Chai are local producers of small-batch masala tea made from fresh and natural ingredients. Originally hailing from a small town in the Midwest, we are now based out of San Francisco, serving the Bay Area and beyond. 

We consider it our calling to help people feel swell by encouraging quality human interactions and connections over a delicious cup of creamy chai. 


We make our chai from a secret family recipe using traditional techniques and adding our special touch. Quality is as important to us as bamboo shoots to a panda. 

We give every batch of chai special care and attention and we listen attentively to good jokes and stories. We also cater and deliver chai to homes and businesses.


If you google it, a chump is defined as a foolish or easily deceived person. So, if chumps are more or less useless…what is a chump good for? 

Well, we will probably never be rockstars or winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, but we pledge that in those moments when you feel like the whole wide world has chewed you up and spit you out, we’ll be there with a damn good cup of chai to lift your spirits…and we’ll be chumps together.